Partnerships in better health.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Wellington Region, the Gunaikurnai people, and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.
We recognise that the Gunaikurnai people have inhabited this land for many thousands of years and that culture is intertwined with how the Gunaikurnai people live on and care for their country.

About the WPCP

The Wellington Primary Care Partnership is an alliance of health, government and community based agencies in the Wellington Shire. The WPCP team values our partnerships that work together to improve and enhance the health and wellbeing of our community.  The WPCP team is small in numbers but the impact and breadth of knowledge of the team has and will continue to create robust partnerships to help improve health and wellbeing across our community.

Our Team Principles and Values

Wellington PCP’s overall vision emphasises collaboration and partnership. Our underpinning philosophy is to bring together people, health professionals, agency staff and community members across Wellington, to share the goal of improving health and wellbeing opportunities and outcomes for all.




Evidence informed

Place based



Wellness focus



Reflective Practice


Systems thinking


Social model of Health



Healthy Environments




Evidence informed

Place based


Reflective Practice


Systems thinking



Wellness focus



Social model of Health



Healthy Environments

PCP Role/ High Value Partnership Functions

Primary Care Partnerships are catchment-based voluntary alliances of health and community service organisations that have worked together for over 20 years. Their strengths primarily centre on the established partnerships, the people within them and that they are embedded within the communities they serve.

It is through these high value partnership functions, that are separate from commissioning environments, where trust and connection is built to deliver on the ground, localised solutions that improve health outcomes.

Our Community

Wellington Primary Care Partnership covers the Victorian rural local government area of Wellington. Wellington’s population is concentrated around the City of Sale and the surrounding towns of Maffra, Yarram, Heyfield, Rosedale and Stratford and in smaller townships and localities. The Shire is also experiencing significant development growth in coastal areas, particularly around Port Albert (78kms from Sale), Golden Beach, Loch Sport and Seaspray. Wellington’s northern most township is Dargo, a distance of 106 km from the Sale.

Located just over two hours east of Melbourne, Wellington Shire is the third largest municipality in Victoria. Extending over an area of 10,817 square kilometres, the shire has a residential population of over 44,770 people (ABS 2020).

More information is available from the Wellington Shire website.

What We Do & How We do It

Working in Partnership is the key to making our community a healthier community.

The Primary Care Partnerships work across key areas that represent primary prevention, access to services and consumer participation with local partners.

The WPCP is committed to planning our strategic directions with our partners.  Our vision, mission and team principles and values guide the work that we do.  

WPCP with guidance from the requirements of the Department of Health, work within three domains:

Systems Integration

Which aims to improve access to services.


Which aligns directly with the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing plan.

Family Violence - Prevention

Which considers new policy directions and existing structures and initiatives, within the areas of Prevention of Family Violence.

WPCP is committed to improving access to services for all people, with a goal to enhance equitable, timely and appropriate access to integrated services. Healthy Literacy remains a significant body of work for the WPCP, with the continuation of the roll out of the Health Literacy Guide and online training modules being key priorities for our strategic direction.  Other work in this space includes, Health Care that Counts, Aboriginal Eye Health, Food Security and supporting the work our partners are doing in this space.

The Wellington Primary Care Partnership Integrated Health Promotion Plan 2020/2021/2022 has been developed by the funded agencies to address three key delivery principles:

  • Alignment with the priority areas of the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan (VPHWP) 2019 – 2023 and the new Wellington Shire Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan (MPHWP) 2021-2025.
  • A place-based promotion plan that leverages off the capacity of major health and wellbeing organisations to provide impactful programs to their catchments.
  • Evidence of a linked and collaborative approach between funded agencies to address specific VPHWP priorities at scale and with a shire wide reach.

Underpinned by a social model of health, these planning systems have a strong equity focus on primary prevention and the upstream social, economic and environmental determinants of health. 

Our Key Priority Areas:

Decreasing Smoking rates amongst occasional smokers.

Decreasing Smoking rates amongst occasional smokers, considered to be significantly higher among men in Wellington than the state average.

Increasing the promotion of the Prevention of Violence Against Women and Gender Equity

Increasing the promotion of the Prevention of Violence Against Women and Gender Equity through the newly formed Wellington Gender Equity and Violence Prevention Partnership and through specific opportunities such as the 16 Days of Activism campaign.

Decreasing the prevalence of alcohol and other drug usage amongst young people

Decreasing the prevalence of alcohol and other drug usage amongst young people through participation in local and shire wide activities and the co-designed Wellington Local Drug Action Team - WelLDAT project.

Addressing the higher-than-average obesity and overweight issues in Wellington

Addressing the higher-than-average obesity and overweight issues in Wellington, including targeted programs for men and families with children, through increased engagement with the Achievement Program already operating in Wellington.

Establishing a Shire wide collaborative project for COVID -19 Mental Health Awareness

Establishing a Shire wide collaborative project for COVID -19 Mental Health Awareness focused on addressing the vulnerability of communities across Wellington from pandemic COVID-19 as they transition to a recovery situation.

Our Funded Projects

Working Well in Wellington

Working Well in Wellington is a workplace-based project funded through Worksafe – WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund. The aim of the project is to promote mental wellbeing of shift workers by co-designing strategies to test and trial. The strategies will then be developed into a toolkit, available to all employers, at the conclusion of the project.

The team piloted their project with Central Gippsland Health where they co-designed 13 strategies that employers can use to protect the mental wellbeing of shift workers.  These were framed by five key organisational protective groupings – Individual bio-psychosocial factors, team and group factors, organisational factors, home/work conflict and job design.

To date the Project has tested and trialled co-designed strategies with our local health service, CGH, Saputo Dairy Australia in Maffra, Fulham Correctional Centre and most recently UGL.

The Project team secured further funding to develop a Roster Risk Assessment Tool – RRAT. The purpose of the RRAT is to identify ‘risky’ rosters that may cause fatigue to workers.  Fatigue can increase the number of adverse events at work and is considered to be a risk to mental wellbeing.

The Project has developed a ‘Make The Shift’ Tool Kit that can be found on the purpose built website: https://www.maketheshift.org.au/

Wellington Local Drug Action Team

The Wellington Local Drug Action Team – WelLDAT – has a Steering Group of representatives from 19 Community Service organisations from across the Wellington shire area, including Victoria Police – Sale Branch.

The WelLDAT Steering Group has come together with the primary aim ‘to prevent the misuse and minimise the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs’.

Community Action Plan 2 uses a co-design approach, that is that young people in Wellington will lead the development of innovative and appealing messaging, to be used on social media platforms, print materials and public messaging display boards throughout the Wellington community/communities.

The messages will resonate with young people and focus on encouraging resilience, self-belief and personal strength needed to make good choices around Alcohol and Other Drug use.

Wellington Innovation Project

An innovative health promotion community-based social marketing campaign designed to promote healthier food choice behaviours that contribute to a more sustainable food system.

This project is being delivered through engaging young people to adopt healthy eating behaviours that are mutually beneficial for environmental sustainability.

Three common themes will frame the project campaign:

  1. Make sustainable food more appealing
  2. Make sustainable food normal
  3. Make sustainable food easy

These themes will be used to promote healthy eating amongst young people (youth aged 13-25 and families with young children aged 0-12) in the Wellington Shire, and the project will bring young people together to co-design strategies that increase the intake of healthy food by linking this to the food sustainability movement.

Our Team

The Wellington Primary Care Partnership is made up of a diverse mix of team members, who all bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organisation.

Leanne Wishart

Executive Officer

Leanne has a background in local government, community services, health and wellbeing, equity, access and inclusion for all, as well as contributing to the local community.

Leanne joined the Team in May 2019 as the Health Promotion Coordinator and in January 2021 became the Executive Officer.

Leanne has a Bachelor of Applied Science – Human Movement Science, Post Graduate Diploma Health – Education and many years’ experience working in the community development in health promotion approach.

Leanne is driven by a real passion for Wellington and the wellbeing of it’s communities and people.

Leanne’s usual work days are Monday – Friday.

To contact Leanne email:


Phone: 5143 8843

Anne Davis

Executive Assistant/Admin. Support

Anne has a background in finance and the Not for Profit sector.

Anne joined the Team in November 2021 and works Tuesday – Thursday, 8.30am – 5pm.

To contact Anne email:


Phone: 5143 8845

Leanne Fairbrother

Health Promotion Coordinator

Leanne has a background in student support, working for 15 years in student wellbeing in the Education sector.  Leanne has completed a Master of Public Health, utilising her skills volunteering on health promotion-based projects in the community.

Leanne works with partners within the Wellington Shire to co-design the implementation, evaluation and reporting of the WPCP Integrated Health Promotion Plan and the WPCP Strategic Plan. 

Leanne joined the team in June 2021 and works Tuesday – Friday, 9am – 3pm.

To contact Leanne email:


Phone: 5143 8324

Susan Hadden

Innovation Project Worker/Coordinator

Susan commenced at WPCP in July 2021 to develop the Eat Local, Eat Nude and Eat Just Enough Innovation Project.

She believes strongly in preventative strategies to promote health. Susan works also in education and can transfer her knowledge of food, the environment and sustainability to benefit the Project.

To contact Susan email:


Phone 0412 437 340

Kelly Morris

Youth Project Worker

Kelly came to the Wellington PCP in November 2020 after a 20+ year career in allied health.

This career change was driven by a real want to do more within the community. Kelly is the Wellington Local Drug Action Team Youth Project Worker working one day per week.

To contact Kelly email: kelly.morris@cghs.com.au


Central Gippsland Health
Gippsland Womens Health
Gippsland Primary Health Network
Latrobe Community Health Service
Quantum Support Services
Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation
Wellington Shire Council
Within Australia
Yarram and District Health Service
Lifeline Gippsland

Documents and Resources

This Guide is for people in the Wellington Community to help plan interesting and fun activities that don’t cost a lot of money. In putting this guide together we asked for feedback and consulted with many people from the Wellington Community.

There are many things in Wellington Shire that everybody can do.

The 2020 Edition includes additional information on community gardens, fresh food swaps, community kitchens, composting and sustainability activities and projects like Landcare. Also included are contact details for the NDIS Local Area Coordinator and NDIS Early Childhood Early Intervention – ECEI and My Aged Care, in Wellington.

Along with highlighting which activities that are at low cost or no cost, the guide has contact phone numbers and website addresses to find out more.

This booklet was developed by the Wellington Primary Care Partnership, Wellington Shire Council and Uniting Gippsland.

To view the third edition of this guide, click on the below link:

Wellington Low Cost No Cost Activities Guide Third Edition June 2020