Service Coordination Survey

Three local primary health organisations participated in the 2015 statewide Service Coordination Survey which assessed current practice against the standards and framework of the Victorian Service Coordination Practice Manual 2012.

WPCP supported these agencies to undertake the survey, and using the results post survey,  developed a report for each organisation that tabled the progress from any previous years participation. A continuous quality improvement action plan was drafted per agency that addressed areas requiring improvement.   WPCP will have an ongoing roll in monitoring and supporting the implementation of strategies within the action plans.  The next service coordination survey will be in 2017.

Additional benefits:

Working closely with these health organisations and staff, we were able to identify additional areas of support that WPCP could provide. Ongoing commitment from the participating organisations also strengthens the working relationship, enabling capacity building in other areas such as health literacy, national health service directory registration, self management approaches for consumers  and eHealth.

PCP Role in Service Coordination

WPCP is committed to improving access to services for all people, and to improving the quality of care and quality of life of people living in the Wellington Shire through a coordinated, collaborative approach to service coordination.

The WPCP is also committed to strengthening the capacity of the Gippsland health care providers to further the coordinated regional approach to Service coordination.

To achieve this, the WPCP will:

  • Focus on coordinating and improving systems and practice to ensure best outcomes for service users.
  • Continue to support best practice standards as per the Victorian Service Coordination Practice Manual 2012 by progressing common practices, processes, protocols and systems for initial contact, initial needs identification, referral, assessment and care planning by member organisations.
  • Support the implementation of e-referral.
  • Work to improve communication about clients (especially those with chronic disease and complex needs) with general practice, leading to more active GP participation with other service providers involved in the client’s care.
  • Support the continued roll out of the region wide Gippsland Chronic disease Management – Service Improvement Plan 2013-2017.


To further support partnership development, information relating to WPCP activities will be made available to all interested parties on a regular basis. Communication will be multimodal and in various formats depending on activity undertaken. For example:

  • Strategic documents, agendas, minutes of meeting and notes of forums will be distributed to Working Group members or any others in attendance and available to others on request.
  • All interested people will be advised of activities, meetings and other issues through the WPCP Newsletter issued monthly and via this website.
  • Reports on the progress of working groups and other relevant projects will be made available to member agencies and the community through this Website and PCP meetings.
  • Information of general interest to the community will be communicated appropriately.
  • Reflecting our commitment to a coordinated regional approach to service planning and delivery, the WPCP will maintain strong links with all Gippsland Primary Care Partnerships, the Gippsland Health Promotion Task Group and with the Gippsland Health Services Partnership, including participating in meetings and contributing to planning and strategic directions for the region.