Can’t find the data you’re looking for?

Health statistics are widely scattered in many web locations and are not easy to find.  The variety of sources and differences in the way material is handled makes these searches more complicated.

In response to these complex challenges, the regional Department of Health office in Gippsland has compiled a suite of online statistical data resources and planning products that are available, to help planners inform policy development and planning efforts.

In November 2014, the Healthy Wellington Action Group hosted a presentation by Vinay Parankusham, Public Health Officer with Department of Health Gippsland.  Vinay provided an overview of the suite of data resources, some of which are interactive and have the ability to navigate and interpret the data presented.  Wellington PCP has listed these resources and products below.  Vinay Parankusham’s presentation includes many useful links and can be accessed here.

Whether you are seeking to develop a snapshot of local burden of disease statistics, or make comparisons with how Gippsland fares to other areas of Victoria in general health terms, the resources will assist in drawing this information together.

2012 LGA Profiles for Gippsland Region

2014 Town and Community Profiles – Gippsland

Gippsland Health Online Index