Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2015-2018

The vision of the Victorian public health and wellbeing plan 2015–2019 is for a Victoria free of the avoidable burden of disease and injury so that all Victorians can enjoy the highest attainable standards of health, wellbeing, and participation at every age.

The Victorian public health and wellbeing plan 2015-2019 outlines the government’s key priorities over the next four years to improve the health and wellbeing of all Victorians, particularly the most disadvantaged.

Bridges Out of Poverty Evaluation Report

Consultant Linda McCrorey completed a Bridges Out of Poverty evaluation report of behalf of Wellington PCP. The research was undertaken over  18 months prior to September 2014 and sought to measure how the framework has influenced change when working with clients from socially and financially disadvantaged backgrounds, as a result of attending a 2-day workshop facilitated by Wellington PCP in March 2013.  The report can be accessed here.


WHPN Food Security Forum

During December 2011 the Wellington Health Promotion Network hosted a food security forum which was presented by public health nutritionist and community food resilience consultant, Leah Galvin.  The forum was attended by stakeholders from across four Gippsland local government areas, all of whom have an interest in building stronger communities through sustainable strategies.  The forum highlighted a number of initiatives at varying levels of government – and grass roots – which reflect adaptation to the current environmental, economic and social constraints on our food system.

The forum included questions and discussions relevant to working within the local context and stimulated thought around frameworks for a sustainable and healthy food system based on the four pillars of resilient communities:

  1. Economic development
  2. Social capital
  3. Information and communication
  4. Community competence

The clear message was that the decisions we make now will affect future flexibility and the mitigation of risks.  Leah Galvin’s presentation can found viewed here.

Some websites of interest:

Healthy Events in Wellington – a Guide for Organisers

This resource has been developed to assist organisers of events and activities in Wellington Shire and provides a comprehensive guide to planning and delivering a health promoting event, which supports patrons in making healthy choices.

‘Go for your life’ Healthy Food Options for Community Events

Community Fun Run/Walk resources and templates

The Lap the Lakes event encourages greater physical activity in Wellington Shire by facilitating a team running/walking challenge.  Invitations are extended to businesses, schools, community groups and government and non-government organisations in the Shire to enter a team of four people to run/walk around Lake Guthridge and Lake Guyatt in Sale.  The aim is to encourage people to train in the months leading up to the event and then participate in the event.  The training program will hopefully encourage runners and walkers to participate.

The event was held for the first time in 2007 with 63 teams involved.  The Steering Committee, comprising representatives from Victoria Police, Wellington Shire Counicl, GippSport, Wellington Primary Care Partnership and Central Gippsland Health Service, decided to allocate a part of the entry fee to charity each year.

The following resouces are available for those who would like to conduct their own Community Fun Run/Walk:

The Cost and Availability of Healthy Food in Wellington

Irregular access to safe, nutritionally adequate, culturally acceptable food from non-emergency sources is known as ‘food insecurity’. Food insecurity can have a detrimental impact on physical, mental and social wellbeing. In 2008, 6.1% of people in Wellington were found to be food insecure, that is, in the previous 12 months they had run out of food and had not been able to afford to buy more. For the past three years, Wellington Primary Care Partnership has undertaken the Victorian Healthy Food Basket survey on an annual basis.  The aim of this study was to investigate the cost and availability of healthy food in the local government area (LGA) of Wellington in order to inform future health promotion work addressing food insecurity.

To read the full report, go to The Cost & Availability of Healthy Food in Wellington July 2012

Active & Inclusive Communities

Practical Strategies for clubs and physical activity providers to be more welcoming and inclusive – Active-and-Inclusive-Communities-Resource-Kit