Strategic Objectives

Partnership Development

WPCP is committed to collaboration and supporting the Partnership. Tasks include participating in WPCP business meetings, held a minimum of four times per year, with responsibility for setting strategic directions, ensuring community participation, resource management, overall organisational and workforce development reporting and accountability measures, and review and continued development of the partnership.

Integrated Health Promotion

WPCP is committed to ensuring that health promotion is an integral part of all health service provision; building the capacity of organisations, communities and individuals to improve health and well being in the community by working in a collaborative manner and using a mix of interventions and capacity building strategies.   Tasks include participation in priority and objective setting and establishment of appropriate processes to enable strategies to be implemented within agreed planning and evaluation frameworks.

Service Coordination

WPCP is committed to improving access to services for all people. Tasks include supporting the continued roll out of the region wide Better Health Care in Gippsland service coordination project, participating in Service Coordination Working Group meetings, held a minimum of three times per year and focusing on coordinating and improving systems and practice to ensure best outcomes for service users.

Integrated Chronic Disease Management

WPCP is committed to developing an integrated community-based approach to the prevention and management of chronic disease. Tasks include supporting the Chronic Disease Management Working Groups and local reference groups, and focusing on improving client outcomes through coordinated and collaborative care.

WPCP Membership

Wellington Primary Care Partnership is a voluntary partnership of  health and community based agencies working together to improve health outcomes of the people of Wellington.  Our members are listed below.

There are two levels of voluntary membership.

Level 1

  • Full membership
  • Receipt of all WPCP communications
  • Participation in WPCP meetings (with full voting rights), consultative and planning processes and other activities, including joint projects.

Level 2

  • Receipt of all WPCP communications
  • Optional attendance at meetings (without voting rights).

WPCP Membership details

WPCP Structure